Bioinformatics Zen

Bio::Blogs 11 - special edition

// Fri June 1 2007

Short and to the point - the tips & tricks supplement to this month's bio::blogs edition has been compiled. The link to the pdf is at the end of this post. But first I want to thank those who contributed.

Thanks to Dan Swan, Pierre Lindenbaum and Konrad Forstner, who contributed particularly large articles covering every aspect of being a bioinformatian.

Euan Adie (Stew) wrote about revision control, creating applications and blogging. Bertalan Meskó sent in a list of genetic disorder databases. Roland Krause offers tips on managing and searching data sets. Ryan Castillo wrote about his experiences in bioinformatics. Paras Chopra offers advice for undergraduates on how to use their summers. Pedro Beltrao, editor of bio::blogs, discusses the importance of keeping up to date on the literature. Also, Duncan Hull whose observations I was unable to add due to lack of time and space (read: my poor organisational skills)

And finally, special thanks go to Neil Saunders whose entry, on recreating code from bioinformatics papers, was so large I couldn't fit it in the pdf, but you should definitely go and take a look.